Strengthening information interconnection and promoting international cooperation and mutual benefit

CEC unswervingly supports the Belt and Road Initiative using information technology as a link, and strives to extend political, economic and social responsibilities to the international level and create more international value.

In terms of network security, in 2017, CEC led the joint efforts of ARM, Google, Huawei and other companies to develop two international standards comprising of ARM Server Basic System Architecture Specification and ARM Server Basic Startup Requirements Specification. In doing this,CEC unified the ARM server bottom-level platform and improved the compatibility of the underlying architecture.

In terms of electronic manufacturing, in 2017, TPV Technology boasts a total of 42 global sales points for its own brand products, and its LCD monitor market share has ranked the first in the world for many years. The high-tech smart meter business successfully entered the South American power market and achieved bulk orders including the first batch of 100,000 AMI smart meters and meter communication management systems.

In terms of information services, CEC has carefully built the Ecuador ECU911 project and independently developed and built the Bolivian public safety project system, which has made important contributions to reducing the social crime rate in Bolivia and improving the local government's governing capability and service level.