Creating an industrial ecology and promoting the coordinated development of the industry

China Electronics Corporation (CEC) actively plays the role of industry organizers and leaders, and carries out various forms of technical cooperation and capital mixing with small and medium-sized electronic information enterprises, especially the private electronic information enterprises, effectively combining the strength of state-owned enterprises with the vitality of private enterprises. In the process of promoting the coordinated development of the industry, CEC grasps the trend of market competition pattern transition from "the competition between enterprises" to the controversy around ecology ", and strives to create a three-layer industrial ecology.

CEC-led electronic information industry:

Expansion layer: More than 10,000 related enterprises distributed in CEC’s 35 innovation parks, with an annual output value of more than 400 billion yuan.

Fixed layer: More than 400 partners gathered around secure and reliable computer software and hardware joint research bases, national-level aggregated information security cloud service platforms, etc.

Core layer: Key partners involved in “PK system” on core technology research and development.