Corporate VI


The basic design elements include: logo, standard text A and standard text B

Group Logo

Standard text A (abbreviation of company name)

Standard text B (company name)


The main body of the logo is composed of the abbreviation "CEC" of the company's English name "China Electronics Corporation". The strokes of the letters are bold and powerful, showing the strong strength and development confidence of China Electronics Corporation. The orderly arrangement of the letters indicates that China Electronics Corporation is a large-scale high-tech enterprise group with standard management, diversified business and high efficiency. The basic color of the logo is blue, giving people a quiet and profound artistic conception, implying that the development of electronic information industry is endless. China Electronics Corporation strive to become the ideal and vision of the national industries of electronic information.

The company name is abbreviated as “中国电子” in Chinese with its English abbreviation as “CHINA ELECTRONICS”. The design of Chinese and English standard characters adopts the uniform shape, stable structure and square circle. Standard text A and standard text B are specially designed for the company, so that the two both can’t be replaced by other fonts or arbitrarily modified. In special cases, the Chinese and English version of standard text can be used separately.

Corporate color

Interpretation of Color: The company's standard color is mainly blue, giving people a quiet and profound artistic conception, reflecting the industrial characteristics of the electronic information industry development as always exploring new without an end. At the same time, two auxiliary colors and three special colors are used to suit the needs of different occasions.

Standard corporate LOGO

Standard LOGO A

Standard LOGO B

Standard LOGO C

Standard LOGO D